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Guidelines for GEOs (non-credit group travel)

Faculty Leading an East Falls Global Enrichment Opportunity (GEO)

East Falls Global Enrichment Opportunities (GEOs) are non-credit-bearing travel experiences led by a Jefferson faculty member or non-credit international experiences sponsored or supported by a students' academic program.  Co-curricular in nature, they include a service learning or hands-on experience in a discipline.  Faculty leading an East Falls GEO should follow the below guidelines.
East Falls Guidelines for GEOs (non-credit group travel)

East Falls Faculty and students should work with the Study Away Office to register their travel at least the semester before travel will occur.

Important - Program budget, itinerary, and requirements  must be approved by Dean and Program Director prior to working with Study Away.

Travel to destinations with a Department of State Level 3 or Level 4 Travel Advisory for students or student groups will require additional review process and may be restricted. Please allow at least a semester prior to your travel to allow ample time for this review.
Faculty leading or supervising GEOs at East Falls are required to follow the following guidelines.
  1. At least a semester (12-15 weeks) in advance, Faculty must notify the Study Away Office about plans for organized non-credit student travel to allow for health insurance and immigration processes.  At this time, the Study Away Office will provide required itinerary templates to the faculty leader and provide access to the online Study Away application software (Terra Dotta) to assist the faculty in collection of data and dissemination of information to participants.  
  2. The faculty leader is responsible for organizing the travel with an external partner or provider, per the University Travel Policies.  They will work with the College Manager of Academic Operations on all vendor payment and student billing.  The Manager of Academic Operations may consult with the Study Away Office on these matters. 
  3. Three (3) weeks before the departure, all students must have completed travel registration in the Study Away portal AND the faculty member must provide to the Study Away Office:
  • Roster of students, faculty, and chaperones who are traveling, emergency contact, and passport information for all participants.
  • Travel itinerary including vendor contact information.
  • Completed health insurance roster (if students do not purchase through travel registration process).
  • Administrative Staff Contact in the Faculty’s College responsible for financial processes for the GEO, such as working with business office on purchase requisitions and bursar on invoicing and billing. 
The Study Away Office will provide faculty with: 
  • University’s Travel Insurance documentation and Emergency Action Card.
  • A copy of the University’s Emergency Operations Plan for Faculty-led Short-Courses and International Trips.
  • An overview of the State Department's registration process (registration is required).
  • Signed letters of enrollment on university letterhead (if requested).
  • Pre-departure orientation training.
  • Travel Risk Review.
Information about Visas and Passports for Domestic and International Students
  • Domestic students at East Falls may consult with the Study Away office on issues related to passports and visas for non-semester-long travel.
  • International students at East Falls, i.e. students with F1 visas, are REQUIRED to meet with Hannah Bar-Giora in the International Student Programs at least 8 weeks in advance.  
  • Visas for non-US citizens require longer lead times and are not guaranteed.  In addition to travel visas, all US immigration paperwork must be in place prior to departure to ensure re-entry to the US.  
  • Students on GEOs must apply for any required visas independently (directly at consulate or embassy) or through a visa service) if their GEO’s travel provider does not offer services. Students are responsible for gathering and completing all visa application materials, scheduling consular appointment, and receipt of any required visas in time for scheduled travel.