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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy – The Independent Student

At Jefferson , we believe that the entire study away process, from beginning to end, is a learning experience that will enrich your student’s life academically, personally and professionally.  For this reason, it is important to us that each student works closely and directly with our office through all stages of the study away process.  Since it is the student who will be embarking on the study away program, it  they must take ownership and responsibility for ensuring all aspects of the process are completed correctly and on time.  After all, it is the student who will be responsible for managing their own affairs while they are living abroad in a foreign country.  Therefore, we respectfully request that parents share their questions and/ concerns with their student, so that the student may take ownership and communicate those questions and concerns with our office.  Not only does this show the student that we support them as an independent adult, but it is also important for our office to ensure we are remaining in compliance with FERPA, which often prevents us from sharing certain information about students with their families.  For more information about FERPA and your student’s rights, please refer to the PhilaU Student Handbook, Section IV.

Having open communication with your student about study abroad will be beneficial to all parties involved.  Our goal is to help students achieve independence, self-awareness and global consciousness through study abroad and your support will significantly help us achieve this goal.  We encourage you to browse our website, including the other resources in the “Parents” section, for more information about our office and our programs.  If, after talking to your student and reviewing the resources on this site, you still have questions, please feel free to contact our office.