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Withdrawal Policies

Choosing to withdraw from a Study Away program, even months before departure,  is a serious decision that can have substantial impact on a student's financial situation and academic plan. If you have been accepted into a Study Away program and have concerns that may impact your participation, please review material in your Study Away account to review the policies for your program and contact the Study Away Office as soon as possible to discuss your situation. 

Semester Study Away Reimbursement Policy
Jefferson has revised our standard Study Away policies to allow for additional reimbursements as follows.

Notification of Withdrawal
Students should contact the Study Away Office directly to discuss their situation, review the impact of a withdrawal, and refer their situation to other campus offices for additional guidance. 
Students are required to officially withdraw in writing with a letter or email to the Study Away Office. The Study Away Office will then contact the Student’s academic program and college, as well Student Life, Student Account, Financial Aid to process their request.
Notification to the student’s academic advisor, college, or any other administrative offices does not constitute a withdrawal from Study Abroad Status. Academic advisors cannot advise on the Study Abroad withdrawal process and should direct the student to the Study Away Office for guidance.
If a student requests any special consideration, they must provide substantiated information on medical reasons, unexpected employment changes, death in the immediate family, or university error.
Enrollment and Fees
Withdrawal from Study Away is subject to Jefferson – East Falls academic calendar and the host program’s withdrawal policies. The date of the student’s request may affect the student’s enrollment status and financial aid at Jefferson – East Falls as well as the amount of the student’s fees or refunds, if any.
Students who withdraw from a Study Away program or from the University either before or after a Study Away semester commences are responsible for the non-refundable University fees, e.g. Study Away fee, as well as for the full amount of any cancellation fees charged by the Study Away institution or provider.  (Fees are posted and updated on the individual programs' website and accessible through the website link on the program page). 
If the Study Away withdrawal occurs before the end of the Jefferson – East Falls add/drop period, students may initiate a return to the Jefferson - East Falls campus.  All non-refundable Study Abroad fees and charges will apply. Courses are subject to availability. Course availability may be limited to those in the student’s academic program and subject to additional approvals.
If the Study Away withdrawal occurs after the end of the Jefferson East Falls Add/drop period, students must withdraw from classes and take a leave of absence from the University. The Study Away Office will notify the student’s college and academic program to process the withdrawal. Students who take a leave or withdraw from the university are subject to the terms of the University’s Withdrawal Policy pertaining to tuition and the policies and procedures pertaining to the student’s University and non-University financial aid.  Withdrawals after a semester commences may prompt repayment of non-University loans.
Requests for medical leave from a Study Away program should be reported to the Director of Study Away programs who will then contact the Dean of Students for review.

Students who must withdraw from a semester-long study abroad or a faculty-led short-course for valid immigration reasons will be refunded or not be charged their Study Away administrative fee.

The University offers Tuition Insurance through a third-party vendor.  Student may either opt-in and renew annually or opt-out of this insurance policy.  The insurance covers circumstances in which a student must withdraw from the University due to a serious illness or accident.  Claims are filed directly with the vendor.  In the absence of the insurance, the University’s Withdraw Policy and billing are in effect.
Implications for graduation
In order to graduate as planned, the withdrawn student may need to register for additional credits for one or more semester, summer courses and/or additional semester at their own expense. Students receiving financial aid should speak with the financial aid to review aid availability.
A student who withdraws from Study Away after committing to a program is not guaranteed on-campus housing if returning to campus. Approval for on-campus housing must be granted by the Dean of Students and is subject to availability. Students will then be charged for Jefferson – East Falls housing according to their housing assignment, in addition to non-refundable host program housing fees. A student’s host program’s housing fees are non-transferrable. 
Study Away Course Completion
Students must comply with the program’s attendance policy. All required coursework (exams, essays, papers, reports, presentations, projects, etc.) must be completed and submitted prior to your departure from your foreign institution.
•    Post-departure work - except in extreme and documented emergencies - will not be accepted.
•    Incompletes – except for the above – will count as failures. 
In the event that an Incomplete is awarded, students are reminded that Jefferson East Falls University policy states (Jefferson East Falls University Undergraduate Catalog) that an Incomplete “automatically becomes a failure unless removed within four weeks of the next semester, including summer sessions.”  The date by which incompletes must be satisfied is published with each semester’s academic calendar by the Registrar.  Students are responsible for contacting their foreign institutions and instructors and ensuring that any incomplete work is completed and graded by the due date established by the Registrar of Jefferson University.