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Study Abroad Advisory Committee and Proposals

Study Abroad Advisory Committee and Program Approval Process
The Study Abroad Advisory Committee is a Sub-Committee of Jefferson's Academic Policies and Procedures committee to review and recommend Study Abroad Programs and Policies
The Procedure and Proposal Template for Approval and Removal of Programs from the Pre-Approved Program List can be downloaded here:
Program Proposal -Department Sponsored Jefferson East Falls Study Abroad 17-18.docx

The Procedure and Proposal Template of Individual Special Approval for Non-Approved Programs can be downloaded here:
Special Approval Template for Jefferson East Falls Study Away.docx

Review/monitor approved study-abroad programs and exchange agreements
Create and document a process for new programs and agreements
Review student application process
Review/monitor process for articulating courses and evaluating course equivalencies
Review process to evaluate transcripts and academic credit
Review policies and procedures for study abroad 

Current Membership:
Appointed members: 3 faculty, one from each College, as appointed by the Executive Dean
Raju Parakkal, C-HS
Edgar Stach, C-ABE
Shubhapriya Bennur, K-DEC

Administrative offices:  as appointed by the Provost
Registrar (Patricia Voight)
Student Life (Henry Humphreys)
Financial Aid (Brian Blackburn)
Academic Success Center (Megan Mills)    
Ex Officio:                                          
 (2) SA Faculty Advisors
Meriel Tulante
Juliana Guglielmi
Other Staff: 
Associate Provost (Susan Frosten)
Madeleine Wilcox, Director of Domestic and International Study Away (SA)
One member of AOO, as selected by Advisory Committee : Kathryn Gindlesparger

Meeting frequency:      
Twice per semester (September, December, February, April)
Annual Report due to Chair of AOOC in April/May.