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Study Abroad Advisory Committee and Proposals

Study Abroad Advisory Committee and Program Approval Process
The Study Abroad Advisory Committee is a Sub-Committee of Jefferson's Academic Policies and Procedures committee to review and recommend Study Abroad Programs and Policies managed by the Study Away

For individual students: Students who are pursuing a Special Approval Proposal should start an application here: Special Approval Program application for Students

For academic programs: The Procedure and Proposal Template for Approval and Removal of Programs from the Pre-Approved Program List can be downloaded here:
Procedure for Approval and Removal of Programs:Program proposal process - departments.docx
Approval Template (all info required): Approval Template for Jefferson East Falls Study Away 2022.docx
Review/monitor approved study-abroad programs and exchange agreements
Create and document a process for new programs and agreements
Review student application process
Review/monitor process for articulating courses and evaluating course equivalencies
Review process to evaluate transcripts and academic credit
Review policies and procedures for study abroad 

Current Membership:
Appointed members: One faculty from each College served by Study Away Office, as appointed by the Executive Dean
Raju Parakkal, C-HS
Edgar Stach, C-ABE
Shubhapriya Bennur, K-DEC
Jeffrey Klemes, CLS
Travis Pollen, CRS

Administrative offices:  as appointed by the Provost
Registrar (Patricia Voight)
Student Life (Henry Humphreys)
Financial Aid (Lisa Cooper)
Academic Success Center (Megan Mills)    
Ex Officio:                                          
 (2) SA Faculty Advisors

Madeleine Wilcox, Director of Domestic and International Study Away (SA)
One member of JCAPP, as selected by Advisory Committee : Susan Frosten

Meeting frequency:      
Twice per semester (September, December, February, April)
Annual Report due to Chair of AOOC in April/May.