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Step-by-Step Guide to Study Abroad: East Falls


Planning/Application Stage

Think about what type of study abroad program you are interested in:  semester, summer, faculty-led short course or academic year abroad?  Are you interested in exploring another part of the US or Canada through the National Student Exchange? Are you considering doing more than one type (ex. faculty-led short course and a semester abroad)?
  • Click here to read more about the different types of programs we offer
  • Attend an info session to learn more. Check out our page of upcoming events and follow us on Facebook.
  • Follow us on Instagram (@studyawayjefferson) for upcoming events and inspiring student photos and stories.
  • Browse course brochures and pick up course sheet and cost sheets in the Study Away Office (Kanbar 102)
Decide what term(s) you want to Study Away (ex. summer, spring, fall).
  • Keep in mind that for summer, semester, and academic year programs students must have a minimum of 60 credits completed on their transcript before they are allowed to participate. Students typically apply as sophomores and go abroad as juniors but options vary by major.
  • Transfer students CAN participate in Study Away. You must meet credit and GPA requirements, complete at least 12 credits at Jefferson before departing, and have an approved course plan to meet residency requirements at Jefferson.
  • Short Courses may be available any year (not guaranteed for all majors) over Spring Break or in the summer.

Schedule a meeting with your Academic Advisor to discuss a course plan.

  • What classes do you need to take each semester in order to graduate on time?
  • Is there any flexibility regarding the order in which you take certain classes, or do they have to be taken in a specific order?
  • Do you know which classes have pre-requisites, and do you know what those prerequisites are?
  • Based on the term you chose to go abroad, are there certain classes you will need to take abroad to stay on track?  If so, what are they? What Hallmarks courses will you need abroad?

Decide where you want to study away.

  • Attend a Study Away Information Session to get an overview of your options and the process for applying.
  • Research the programs and destinations online and by talking to classmates and professors.
  • Think about your goals and the type of experiences you want (besides travel of course!). What interests (food, art, sports, outdoors) you? Think about your identity and how you want to explore that
  • If you are unsure what your options are after the session, you may schedule an appointment with the Director of Study Away or Study Away Advisors to help you figure that out.  You should bring the course plan you worked on with your advisor to this appointment so we can discuss which institutions abroad have the courses you need. Come to Kanbar 102 to schedule a meeting or email the advising form to

Once you have your term, location, and tentative course plan figured out, you are ready to begin the application process.

  • The application is online and available through the Study Away Office website.  Your login credentials will be your campuskey. Click the Apply Now button on your top program choice to get started!
  • Keep in mind that applications run in cycles, so students cannot apply too far in advance.  Click on the link above for deadlines. Semester and Summer application cycles typically open October 1 and close in February (for Fall, Summer, and NSE) or April (for the following Spring). Short course deadlines are often in the early Fall.

Make sure all application materials are completed by the advertised deadline.

  • Your application is complete when all items listed in the application have a check mark next to it.   Some material items (transcript, course forms, etc.) will need to be checked off manually by the Study Away Office upon receipt of that item (may take up to 3 business days to post).  Other items that are completed online will be checked off automatically upon completion. Click submit once you have completed all the components to alert us that your application is ready!
  • Fill out your course authorization form (JEFF-EF STUDY AWAY CAF 19-20.pdf )with your advisor and return it to the office. Here's a SAMPLE to help guide you. We won't accept incorrect or incomplete forms but we will give you feedback to complete them correctly!
  • Schedule an official meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor or the Study Abroad Director or attend a group advising session. Prepare for meeting with questions and concerns that came up as you researched, talked with family and friends, and worked on your application.
  • Be sure to keep in touch with the faculty members who will be writing your recommendations, as these must be completed by the deadline as well.

If the host institution you are applying to requires additional application materials, be sure to start working on these materials by our office’s deadline (unless the foreign program’s deadline is earlier than ours).

  • Follow the link on your program's page to access their application instructions
  • If you are unsure what your foreign institution's requirements are, ask the Study Away Office for assistance.
  • You will need approval from the Study Away Office in the application process. This will happen once the Study Away office has accepted your application
  • Most pre-approved programs will waive the application fee and deposit but some may require direct payment.
You will be notified if you have been accepted to study abroad about two-three weeks after the application deadline
  • For external programs, acceptance may take longer and is not guaranteed.
  • Make sure to complete any remaining materials by the program's deadline.
  • Check your email and respond promptly in case you are contacted about your application materials
  • Log in to your account regularly. You can review your approved courses and completed materials in your Study Away Account.
Once you accept and commit, you will have new pre-departure tasks to complete and an orientation to attend!

Important: Once you commit, the $800 ($500 summer) administrative fee will become non-refundable and will be included on your bill for the semester abroad. Additional withdrawal fees from your host program or airline may apply.

Please inform the Study Away Office ASAP if you have concerns.