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Life After Study Away


Students who return to campus after studying away know that their experience had a huge impact on them, but they also often struggle with figuring out what the next step is.  How do you really use your study abroad experience to your full advantage?  

In your Study Away account, you have the opportunity to sign up for programs and events designed to help continue to make the most of your experience. We also share some helpful tips. Make sure to log in!

We'd also like to offer a few other suggestions:

  • Resume building and interview techniques:
The Career Services center at Jefferson - East Falls Campus has the tools and knowledge to help all students by providing resume and interview tips, and study abroad returnees are no exception!  Students who have been abroad come back with a new set of skills and you need to learn how to showcase these skills in a way that can help you jump start your professional career.  The Career Services Center is here to help you, so don't be afraid to contact them for advice.  The Study Abroad Office also plans to team up with Career Services to offer returning study abroad students a workshop on resume building and interview techniques that specifically focuses on how to showcase certain skills you learned while abroad, so keep an eye out for event announcements!
  • Resources for Reverse Culture Shock:
Sometimes reverse culture shock can be more difficult to cope with than the culture shock you may have experienced abroad. The Study Away Office and Counseling Services are good resources to turn to.
Here are some tips to help
  • Become a Peer Mentor:
Love talking about your experience abroad? Become a peer mentor with the Study Away office and share your advice with students preparing to go abroad themselves. Its a great way to gain leadership experience and stay connected to your host culture. Select mentors will have an orientation lunch with the Study Away Office, meet with prospective Study Away participants, and present at Orientation and Info Sessions. Apply with the Study Away Office!
  • Working and/or interning abroad:
Got the travel bug and eager to go abroad again?  It is possible to find jobs or internships abroad in your field.  Jefferson - East Falls Campus is now connected with an international organization called Going Global.  Through Going Global, students have the opportunity to search through more than 16 million internship and job postings worldwide.  The site also offers resume writing guidelines for different countries, as well as interviewing and cultural advice.  To search their website, please use the link below and see what the world has to offer!
  • Graduate School Abroad:
Not done with school yet?  Are you thinking you want to jump right into grad school and earn that next degree?  It's not a bad idea these days, considering how many jobs are now requiring a Masters or Doctorate degree.  So why not take the road less traveled and consider attending grad school abroad?  There are many websites out there to search for graduate schools.  Here is one that we know of that has been helpful to other students in the past.
Grad School Abroad